Electronic caliper with diameter, distance, height and azimuth measurement


Masser has developed Sonar caliper to fulfill all measurement tasks needed for a complex inventory data survey. Special interest has been paid in the most accurate measuring principles and sensors available. Sonar caliper is used in many countries all around the world.

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  • Automatic Sample Area Verification

    Automatic Sample Area Verification

  • Height Measurement

    Height Measurement

  • Diameter Measurement

    Diameter Measurement

  • Distance Measurement, Tree map

    Distance Measurement, Tree map

  • Wireless Data Communication

    Wireless Data Communication

  • Software Library

    Software Library


  • Tree map, automatic selection of sample trees, diameter distribution, height curves, quality assortment

  • Accurate measurements - New height and distance measurement principles

  • Measurements can be done by a single worker or by a work group via Bluetooth

  • Distance measurement with automatically temperature and humidity compensated ultrasound signal

  • Height measurement with inbuilt electronic clinometer

  • Inbuilt electronic compass and automatic distance recording enable to create accurate tree maps from the plot


  • Diameter measurement 0–500 mm (in sections 500–2000 mm) (resolution 1 mm)

  • Height measurement 0–40 m (resolution 1 cm)

  • Distance measurement (60 deg) 0–40 m (resolution 1 cm)

  • Distance measurement (360 deg) 0–20 m (resolution 1 cm)

  • Temperature measurement -25°C to +50°C (resolution 0,1°)

  • Relative humidity measurement 0–90 % (resolution 1 %)

  • Slope measurement -70° – +70° (resolution 0,1°)

  • Azimuth 0–360° (resolution 0,1°)

  • Operating temperature -20°C to +40°C

  • Storage temperature -30°C to +60°C

  • Sealing Waterproof IP67

  • Communications Bluetooth, USB Serial port adapter, Serial port RS 232 C

  • Power 2 x AA 1.5 V batteries

  • Working time 20 - 60 hours

  • Options Electronic compass

  • Accessories Repeater 60/360 deg, centre tripod, USB-Serial cable, carry bag