Mobile Caliper

Masser Mobile Caliper for Android tablets and smartphones is an application for reading and sharing forest measurement data from Masser Bluetooth calipers. Mobile Caliper app can store various customer specific data, for example tree species, height, length, diameter, quality, GPS etc.

Mobile Caliper app for Android records the location of each measurement using the smartphone’s GPS unit with maximum available accuracy. Coordinates can be used on the mobile or later using Google Maps or company GIS system at the office.

The collected data is stored in a format which can be read on a spreadsheet program. Instead of having to go to the office the data files can be shared via email or cloud services directly from the field. Should the user be outside of mobile coverage area, the app will upload the accumulated data as soon as the device re-establishes the connection. With Masser Mobile Caliper app the forest measuring tasks are made easier without any compromises.

Download and test application in Google Play

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