BT Caliper

BT Caliper

Masser BT Caliper is a versatile measuring- and data collection instrument. It comes in three different versions; BASIC, MEM and PRO. BT Caliper utilizes Bluetooth for connecting to different peripheral devices. Masser provides readymade data collection applications, custom tailored applications and Android application for mobile devices.

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  • Compatible With Wide Range of Devices

    Compatible With Wide Range of Devices

  • Wireless Data Transfer

    Wireless Data Transfer

  • Mobile Caliper app

    Mobile Caliper app

  • Height Input

    Height Input

  • Length Input

    Length Input

  • Software Library

    Software Library


  • Wireless data transfer via Bluetooth - Possibility to read data from- and write data to an external device

  • Icon based user interface - Easy to learn and fast to use

  • Inbuilt memory as an option (MEM and PRO models) - Possibility to use as a stand alone device

  • Sturdy, waterproof and maintenance free mechanics - Long lasting tool even in the most demanding environment

  • Free software library at use - Possibility to create own data collection software with Masser Creator Pro

  • Three different models with three different measuring ranges to suit your need


  • Measuring range 0–500 mm, 0–650 mm or 0–800 mm

  • Measuring principle Magnetic

  • Accuracy +/-1 mm

  • Operating temperature -20°C to +40°C

  • Sealing IP67 Waterproof

  • Communications Bluetooth class 2 (10m), SPP

  • Weight 1,2 kg batteries included

  • Storage temperature -30°C to +60°C

  • Display 128 x 64 pixel graphic LCD, backlight

  • Power 2 x AA 1.5 V batteries (Alkaline, NiMh, Lithium)

  • Internal memory 8 Mb* (Optional)

  • Warranty 1 year

  • BASIC model No internal memory, data output to peripheral device

  • MEM model Internal memory, can be used as a stand alone device, Masser Application library at use

  • PRO model Internal memory, stand alone device, software library, user can make own data collection and measurement applications