Masser has produced over 300 different custom specific measurement and data collection applications. Applications cover the whole value adding chain in forestry from nursery to end products.

Masser has readymade solutions for common measurement and data collection applications. Masser can produce also tailored solutions to customer specifications. Masser Developer and Masser Creator Pro are licensed software tools by which customer can create an own data collection solution.

Harvester accuracy analysis software for PC

Masser Harvester Analysis

HQC/KTR Input, Report and Analyze. StanForD and StanForD2010 compatible harvester analysis system.

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Mobile phone with application for forest inventory, measurement done by electronic caliper

Mobile Caliper

Masser Mobile Caliper for Android tablets and smartphones is an application for reading and sharing forest measurement data from Masser Bluetooth calipers. Mobile Caliper app can store various customer specific data, for example tree species, height, length, diameter, quality, GPS etc.

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Masser - Harvester head calibration & control 2

Harvester head calibration & control

Harvester head calibration is mandatory in many countries where harvester production data is used for timber sales. Also it is important when the harvester must optimize the cutting and when the cutting dimension accuracy is essential.

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Forest inventory

Forest inventory

For forest inventory Masser offers a variety of devices and data collection systems. The inventory system can be a total inventory (all trees are tallied) or the measurements can be based on sampling or only for basal area. Collected data can vary from single DBH-measurement to full national inventory.

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Masser - Development tools 2

Development tools

Masser Developer and Masser Creator Pro are PC softwares which are used to create data collection and measurement applications for instruments and calipers.

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Masser - Control measurements 1

Control measurements

Masser has produced a variety of control systems for timber procurement, quality control, illegal harvesting and authority controls. Also control of harvester production data has been very important development area

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Masser - Log scaling 1

Log scaling

For measuring individual logs Masser recommends to use electronic two hands operated caliper. User can select if he needs to measure only once or cross section (two measurements 90 degree angle). Length of the log can be either a fixed length or input only once or the lengths can be input individually for each log.

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Large pile of wood logs

Pile volume

For calculating stacked timber volume user needs to measure average height, width and log length and give a conversion factor for solid volume.

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