Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


We here at Masser think, that Christmas is especially a time for the children. For this reason we have participated in Save the Children -Christmas donations.

We hope you have pleasant holidays!

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Mobile Caliper

Masser Mobile Caliper for Android tablets and smartphones is an application for reading and sharing forest measurement data from Masser Bluetooth calipers

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Masser Harvester Analysis

HQC/KTR Input, Report and Analyze. SanForD and StanForD2010 compatible harvester analysis system

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Solutions for inventory

For forest inventory Masser offers a variety of devices and data collection systems from national forest inventories to private forest planning measurements

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Harvester head calibration

Harvester head calibration is mandatory in many countries where harvester production data is used for timber sales. Also it is important when the harvester

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Development tools

Masser Developer and Masser Creator Pro are PC softwares which are used to create data collection and measurement applications for instruments and calipers

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Solutions for Log scaling

Log scaling is one of the basic functions which has been used in Masser two hands operated calipers for decades

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Control measurements

Masser has produced a variety of control systems for timber procurement, quality control, illegal harvesting and authority controls. Also control of harvester production data has been very important development area

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Solutions for pile volume

Many of Masser’s caliper programs include the option for pile volume measurement. User needs to measure average height, width, log length and give a conversion factor to compute solid volume

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