One hand operated electronic diameter caliper with three wheels for measuring large trees


TWC II BT has been developed to fulfill the need of measuring large trees. The measuring principle allows to measure tree diameters smaller than 360 mm by conventional principle, and diameters larger than 360 mm by three point arc measurement. When all three rollers touch the tree, caliper calculates a diameter of the circle passing these three points.

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  • Large Diameter Measurement

    Large Diameter Measurement

  • One-hand Operation

    One-hand Operation

  • Wireless Data Communication

    Wireless Data Communication

  • Height Input

    Height Input

  • Software Library

    Software Library

  • Mobile Caliper app

    Mobile Caliper app


  • Measuring range from 2 mm to 2600 mm

  • One-hand operation ensures fast and reliable measurement

  • Powerful microprocessor - Capability for demanding measurement and data collection programs

  • Spring loaded measuring force avoids user to measure too “hard”

  • Narrow rollers and sturdy construction give accurate and a reliable measurement touch to the user

  • Wireless data communication and large software library enable effective measuring work


  • Measuring range 2–2600 mm

  • Accuracy 1 mm up to 560 mm, 2 mm up to 1000 mm, 5 mm up to 2600 mm

  • Calibration Self calibrating

  • Weight 1100 g

  • Operating temperature -20°C to +40°C

  • Storage temperature -30°C to +60°C

  • Sealing Waterproof IP67

  • Keypad Enter button and Toggle switch for menu select

  • Software support MASSER Developer or tailored software packages

  • Display 128 x 64 pixel graphic LCD, backlight

  • Communications Bluetooth, Serial port RS 232 C, USB Serial port adapter

  • Memory capacity 4 Mb

  • Power 2 x 1,5V AA + Back-up battery

  • Working time Up to 200 hours / one battery set

  • Warranty 1 year

  • Options GPS Receiver